Cationic lunch bag female aluminum foil thickened picnic student lunch carry bag with meal insulation bag lunch box bag


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Product name: cationic round label lunch bag

Product material: cationic Oxford cloth

Weight approximately: 0.135kg

Product size: 23*12*20CM

Packing quantity: 100pcs












undefined Regarding how many batches, do you support mixed batches? Is there a limit on the amount? How to calculate the freight?

All products can be in accordance with the minimum online batch; support mixed batch, the mixed batch amount is more than 100 yuan, the quantity is not limited; support Alipay, the bank direct payment 2 types of transactions.

We specify the weight of each product, take the order, the system automatically calculates the weight, and the freight is automatically generated based on the weight. The generated freight is the cost of express delivery. For

Send logistics, contact customer service to modify the freight, logistics freight is payable.

32 Are the items on the shelves available? What if it is out of stock?

All of our products are sold in stock, and the items that can be photographed on the page are in stock, please rest assured to buy. Due to the large variety of products, the daily sales volume is large, and individual products do not

Please forgive me for the out-of-stock situation caused by timely removal, we will contact you by phone or Wangwang and deal with it.

32 I have already paid, when will it be shipped and how long will it take to receive the goods?

Due to the large daily delivery volume, we will deliver the goods in the order of payment within 24-48 hours after your payment is successful. The delivery time will vary due to distance, weather and the operation process of different express companies. Under normal circumstances, after delivery Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are generally 1-2 days, Anhui, Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangxi, Beijing, Tianjin generally 2-3 days, other areas 3-5 days, remote areas 4-7 days, and foreign logistics generally 3-7 days ! If you have not received the baby after the corresponding number of days, please contact our customer service. (If you encounter problems with express delivery delays or missing items caused by the peak season of online sales, the surge in shipments, and the explosion of warehouses in express companies, please understand, we will make proper handling.)

32 What to do if the received product has quality problems and out of stock

If the goods are out of stock or quality problems after receiving the goods, please contact the after-sales customer service within three days. If there are quality problems, please take a photo and give us confirmation in time after receiving the goods. You can contact us to send pictures, we will give you A satisfactory solution. If it is out of stock, if it is already indicated on the list, please contact our customer service to apply for a refund.

32 I received the goods, but I don’t like it very much. Can I return it?

If you are dissatisfied with the product, do not like it, if you have not used it before and do not affect the second sale, you can return or exchange it, and the freight will be paid by yourself

No refund in the following cases

A The packaging of the returned product is damaged or incomplete, and the product accessories or related materials are incomplete;

B Unauthorized repair or modification;

C Not used or stored according to normal methods;

D Products beyond the service period.

E The products that our company has removed from the shelves will not be returned.


The order will be deemed to agree to the following terms

(1) The amount of 100 yuan or more can be mixed batches, and the quantity is not limited; a single product is ordered according to the minimum batch online.

(2) Due to the large daily delivery volume, we will try our best to notify the out-of-stock product by phone. Due to the low profit of the product, after receiving the goods, apply for a refund according to the out-of-stock product indicated in the shipping list, and will not reissue it.

(3) There may be missed shipments during mixed batches. If you receive the goods and find that the goods are less than the order quantity, please contact us in time. The validity period is within 3 days after receipt of the goods. If the deadline is exceeded, no processing will be given. Confirm

We will make up the outstanding payment as soon as possible.

(4) If the product with no quality problem cannot be returned after it is received, we will bear the return shipping fee for the quality problem, and we will bear the shipping fee for the replacement.

(5) If you need to be notified of out of stock, please note in the order message "Please notify me of out of stock"!

(6) Regarding express delivery, if there is no remark, it will be sent to our store by default. If you do not, contact the customer to send other express. Other express delivery needs to make up the difference.


Regarding transportation, the logistics freight is payable, and the logistics needs to be picked up by yourself. Submit the order when purchasing the product and contact customer service to modify the freight to 0. If there is no special instructions, we choose to save the buyer's freight

All of the logistics of the freight station are the freight dedicated line logistics, and the logistics is not delivered to the door. This kind of logistics is the same as the passenger car in the passenger transportation center. It only carries one person and one cargo. Please be sure before purchasing

It is necessary to confirm whether there are such logistics nearby. Compared with large-scale well-known logistics, this kind of logistics freight is cheaper, but because of the large quantity, the service is much worse. If the transportation is delayed due to logistics

We will not accept occasional return requests. If you can’t accept it, you can communicate with us to choose the right logistics. Express delivery is also available in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. The cost is relatively high but it can be delivered.

Come home.

The charges of various logistics companies are not standard, and our estimation is inaccurate. Therefore, we do not make any valuation or bear any costs in logistics. We strongly recommend that customers find Yiwu to the destination by themselves.

Dedicated logistics company, Yiwu is already the most developed logistics center in the country. We hope that customers can provide their own satisfactory logistics company as much as possible. We are not engaged in the logistics industry and do not understand the hidden rules of logistics.

Our experience in logistics matters is for reference only, and we are not responsible for all kinds of "accidents" caused by logistics. Comrades who are worried, please do not shoot! !

If you have not received the goods for more than 7 days, please contact us!




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