Transparent Mermaid Relief Cup Tall Ice Cream Cup Fish Scale Cup Goblet Ice Cream Bowl Glass Bowl (Height 9 cm, Diameter 10 cm)


9996 in stock


9996 in stock

Name: Yulin Bowl Material: Glass


The price of this link is the naked cup price, if you need to customize, please place an order and consult the store.

Our factory can freely customize according to the specific needs of customers.
All products of our factory are guaranteed to be sold directly by the manufacturer at low prices. Due to the factory model,

Dear friends,
Please contact the relevant business personnel to check the inventory before placing the order. We will reasonably arrange the production and delivery according to the number of orders.














Product types: glass bowls, glass water cups, glass wine glasses, glass jugs, glass ashtrays, plates, candy cups, glass jars and other glass tableware and daily necessities.
Product advantages: complete varieties, novel styles, white material and good finish, stable quality and output.
Appearance processing: professional production technology such as applique baking, frosting, silk screen, pickling hollowing, color spraying, bronzing and electroplating.
Product packaging: can be customized according to customer requirements, such as: color box packaging, white box packaging, foam packaging, blister packaging, the packing quantity is determined according to the actual situation.
Purpose: Household daily use, gift promotion, gift delivery, supermarket shopping, business or personal gift delivery, etc. It mainly plays a role in advertising.


Glassware has many advantages and great added value
1) Crystal clear, good texture, looks very beautiful, but the cost is cheap;
2) It has strong mechanical strength and has strong performance against rapid cold and hot temperature changes;
3) Strong corrosion resistance to chemicals such as acids and alkalis;
4) Easy to clean, and does not absorb the taste of the solution.


Fourth, the matters needing attention in the use of glassware
1. Before using the glass, please clean it with a soft cloth and warm water;
2. In order to avoid scratches on the cup body and affect its appearance, please do not wipe the cup body with rough metal wire balls;
3. Please stop using when you find any damage or crack;
4. Handle with care to prevent falling from a high altitude or sharp mechanical impact, and no bumps to avoid scratches and damage;
5. Do not allow children to use this product alone. If there are children nearby when using this product, please pay attention to safety.



Purchase Notes】

(Please read carefully, so as not to cause disputes and misunderstandings, thank you for your cooperation and wish you a happy shopping)
[About the product] The company's wholesale and retail are in progress, can be small wholesale, support mixed batch. Our company will ship directly to this factory, please rest assured to buy!
[About the picture] The pictures are all taken in kind. Due to the limited shooting technology, the difference between the light and the display of the monitor, the color difference between the picture and the real object is within the acceptable range, please forgive me!
[About freight] We will send you express for small goods, and the freight is paid in advance with the payment. For bulk goods wholesale, we will send you logistics, and according to industry practice, freight is paid on collection. The fee provided on Alibaba is an estimate of the courier fee, which is not accurate. After you take the product, contact the customer service and pay after changing the shipping fee!

[About delivery] After the buyer takes the photo, we verify the address and contact information to ensure that the products in stock will be shipped within 3 working days; private customized OEM processing, delivery according to the agreed time limit.


[About after-sales service] Please receive the goods within 24 hours and check the quantity and quality of the baby. If you have any questions, please promptly report to the after-sales customer service. The packaging of our products is very careful, but some accidents during transportation cannot be avoided, and the glass itself is fragile, so some damage is inevitable, please forgive me! If there is serious damage, it can be repaired or refunded the next time you get the goods; subjective dissatisfaction, imagined reasons, and the baby actually has no quality problems will not be accepted.


Bengbu Shanggu Home Glass Products Co., Ltd. is located in Yuhui District, Bengbu City, Anhui. Bengbu City is a very early glass product raw material quartz sand production site and glass product manufacturing base, close to Nanjing and Shanghai ports, with convenient transportation.

The company is a comprehensive production enterprise integrating glass product manufacturing and deep processing. It mainly deals in various glassware products. We have specialized glassware production lines, machine blown series, machine pressed series and artificial glass product series, which are enough to satisfy customers Product needs, and can complete customer orders in a timely and effective manner. In order to enrich product diversification, the company's glass deep processing services cover a wide range, including decals, printing, engraving, frosting, color spraying, etc. The products are mainly exported to Asia, America, Europe, Africa and other countries.

We have all kinds of glass cups, coffee cups, beer mugs, glass plates, bowls, saucers, glass ashtrays, candle holders, etc.

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