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This product is packaged in transparent plastic bag, and the price is not equipped with the strap cutting tool for the watch box. A blue watch box is packaged at 1.5 yuan, a white watch box is added for 6 yuan, and the strap cutting tool is 1.5 yuan. Take pictures directly from the website:
Packaging link:

1. Blue watch box/only: https://detail.1688.com/offer/536080009032.html?spm=a26286.8251493.0.0.CiiE eK

2. White high-end gift box/set: https://detail.1688.com/offer/545861597780.html?spm=a26286.8251493.0.0.CiiEe K

3. Link to watch chain tool: https://detail.1688.com/offer/524059521572.html?spm=a26286.8251493.0.0 .d JyMoB

About drop shipping:

Support one-piece delivery. The shop link price does not include the box and other accessories. Please place the order and take the box and the shopping cart together. The standard is recommended, cost-effective, affordable, and high-grade.

For box link, please click the link aboveundefined

  After a one-piece sale: Without affecting the secondary sale, the protective film is not removed, the product has no scratches, the product packaging and accessories are complete, you can enjoy a 7- day refund without reason. For non-quality problems, the customer bears the freight. For quality issues, the next time you send 2 orders to distributors in Guangdong Province, and the next time you send 1 order to distributors outside Guangdong Province, the return shipping fee will be settled through negotiation between the distributor and the customer .

After 7 days, enjoy one-year free warranty for the movement, and other parts can be repaired for a fee . For any problem repair, the shipping cost will be borne by the buyer, and the shipping cost will be borne by our company.

Delivery time: orders before the cut-off at 5 pm every day will be shipped on the same day. After the order cut-off time is exceeded the next day, the default is to send Yunda or Zhongtong, and you can contact customer service to send SF to supplement the price difference. Please do not remind the order during the delivery period ; generally the next day in Guangdong Province, 3-5 days in other provinces , In remote areas, it takes 5-7 days. The specific delivery time should be combined with the timeliness of express delivery, for reference only!


About a large number of mixed batches:
The second-tier and third-tier wholesale prices, due to the large volume of shipments, we will
ship as soon as possible , customers in a hurry, please place an order in advance, thank you for your cooperation! The picking of the goods is relatively scattered, and it takes a lot of time to check the goods. Therefore, if there is a small amount of out of stock colors, Want Want or phone will inform. If you can’t contact the same day, in order not to delay your use of the goods, we will send the same style other colors or first If it is available, please reissue it later, please be aware. You can also add customer service VX13580127702 to keep in touch at any time.
About a large number of
mixed batch after-sales:

Malfunction table: Under the condition that the second sale is not affected, the protective film is not removed, the product has no scratches, and the product packaging and accessories are complete, the same model is supported!
Method 1: Return for repair once a month!
Method 2: If you accumulate "10" or more, contact customer service for replacement, send the freight to be paid, and send it back to our company for the freight!
(Remember to only send back the bare watch, all gifts do not need to be sent back)
(Write a small note for each watch question and put the watch separately)
(In addition, write a large list note: your Want Want name + product model number + quantity)
Non-fault table:
Since you are purchasing in large quantities, once the goods are sold, it is not a quality problem and no return or exchange service is provided. Please understand the market before purchasing and correctly evaluate your own sales. Place an order to indicate that you agree with our cooperation method, thank you!

About customization: ODM,OEM

We are a manufacturer with many years of production experience, and we support customized drawings and samples.

Our factory has standardized and process production, to ensure that each order can be shipped quickly, with stable quality and high cost performance.

Support proofing, the proofing fee will be offset when large quantities of goods are paid

You can add customer service Wangwang to keep in touch at any time +13580127702 phone VX



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Daily watch maintenance and watch knowledge:

1. Please do not bring the watch and magnetic objects close to each other;

2. In case of water ingress (air), it should be sent to the maintenance point for cleaning immediately to avoid corrosion of the movement;

3. If there are protective sheets or stickers on the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will penetrate into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust;

4. Do not expose the watch to various solvents and various chemicals, otherwise the watch case and strap will be discolored and rusted due to corrosion;

V. watches (only quartz watch) in the range of 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C room temperature can be stable and accurate operation, temperatures exceeding 50 ° C will cause the battery leakage or shorten battery life. Do not leave the watch in an environment with a low temperature of -10°C for a long time, because the air-conditioning will slow down or go fast. When the watch returns to normal temperature, the operation will return to normal;

Seven, watches can be divided into diving watches, waterproof watches and non-waterproof watches according to their waterproof performance. The waterproof of the watch depends on the waterproof rubber ring of the watch glass, back cover, crown, etc., which meet the corresponding standards and are divided into different levels:

1. SWEAT-RESISTANT: very easy to understand, only to prevent sweat from running inside the watch;

2. Water-RESISTANT: It’s okay to occasionally run into water. For example, if you accidentally sprayed water on your hands, you don’t need to be nervous. It’s okay to take it off and wipe it off. In short, it’s to prevent life. Accidental small splashes in the middle;

3.30 m waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): there is "30M" watch words of the table, which is the water table, Wash hands or use the rain, but mainly in order to prevent dust and moisture from being damaged movement .30 Meters waterproof, the professional explanation is that each square centimeter area can withstand a pressure of 3 kg , which is equivalent to a pressure of 30 meters in a water depth in a static state, which is equivalent to a pressure of 3 atmospheres. For our ordinary consumers, we only need Remember that 30m is the most basic and elementary waterproof watch ;

(4) 50-meter water resistance (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): The watch with the word "50M" on the watch, that is, the 50-meter water-resistant watch, is the real waterproof watch in the minds of consumers , and can be used for swimming and general housework waterproof Watch. Remember not to adjust the crown in water;

(5) Diving watch (100m waterproof, 200m waterproof, 300m waterproof, etc.): It is a professional waterproof watch that can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.




1. Any waterproof watch should not be brought into contact with hot water and steam (such as hot baths, saunas, etc.);

2. Try to avoid using it in an environment where the temperature changes greatly. The temperature difference will cause the moisture in the air in the meter to condense, which will cause water ingress and water mist in the meter.

If there is fog in the watch, please go to a professional watch repair department for cleaning and maintenance as soon as possible;

3. Watches are precision instruments after all, please use them carefully. Good usage habits can increase the life of your love watch, and bad habits can shorten the life of your love watch .

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